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Get Better Grades: 10 Tips for Test Prep

10 Tips for Test Prep

Test prep and taking comes naturally to some folks – they just seem to know what to study (and what to not study), they don’t get flustered by tricky questions and they seem to just sail through exams with out anxiety

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Gifted. Do you watch what you say?

Gifted. Do You Watch What You Say?

Gifted. Genius. Bright. Intelligent. 2E. Smart. Excitable. Intense. Quirky. Outlier. If you’re reading this, I imagine you have some relationship to giftedness – your child, a student, yourself or a spouse. So you’ve faced the dilemma of figuring out how

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Managing Homework Headaches

Study Skills

Click through the presentation for some tips on helping your kids take control of their homework. Homework Headaches from Maggie McMahon

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Building Communities

Building Communities

Relationships. Shared experiences. Common goals.  Support. Community. I desire it. I covet it. Like most people, I remember feeling on the outside when I was a kid. Not the kind of outside that comes from not having friends – I

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Adoption Awareness Month – Our Story

Our Adoption Journey

It’s Adoption Awareness Month. Check out our family’s adoption story over at Alamo City Mom’s Blog.

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Right Fit Shoes: Why Giftedness Matters

IQ Tests as guide for the journey

Do you remember the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten? It was a good reminder of a simpler time – a time focused on being kind to others and sharing. I’m pretty sure that I

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Strength Based Parenting

Strength Based Parenting

Head over to Alamo City Mom’s Blog to check out my post on Strength Based Parenting. If you are interested in any of the books I mention, you can find them on my Amazon store.

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Back-to-School Goal Setting

Back to School Goal Setting

Today, I’m blogging over at Alamo City Moms Blog on how at the beginning of the school year, our family sets goals and re-visits family rules. Check it out!

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School Lunches – Let your kids pack for themselves!

How to Pack Your Lunch

Back-to-school. That’s crazy, right? My kids have already started and most kids in San Antonio will be back in school by the beginning of next week. Getting back to school has many challenges – new bedtime (and wake-up) routines, making

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Depression – An Overview and Resources


For more serious issues, like this one – Childhood Depression – I’ll keep it simple and straight forward.  I’ll connect you to good research and interesting experts and leave out any commentary. If you want a more emotive glimpse into

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