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Family Values

Our 2013 - 2014 Code of Living

Family Values – that’s such a loaded term these days.  Don’t worry, I have no intention of discussing the pop culture meaning and definition of the term.  Instead, I’ve been thinking about what my family values – what we are

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July 4th

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! While you are celebrating today, take some time to reflect on what it means to be an American. Look for new ways to teach your children about the value of sacrifice, the responsibility to seek justice

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I wasn’t kidding…

I meant it yesterday, when I said I’m going to get back to blogging. I was prolific yesterday – writing and scheduling posts twice a week through the end of July! I’m really excited about them and sort of wish

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The Hiatus is Over

I started this blog with the intention to post several times a week, but the reality of opening a new business and managing the changes in our family life that comes with a new business got in the way. The

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Are you stressed out?

Stress Mangement

Here are a few thoughts on managing stress… Nothing earth shattering, but good reminders.

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Healthy Muscles for Kids – What does that really mean?

Help Kids Build Healthy Muscles

What does it mean for kids to have healthy muscles? Before puberty, kids can’t develop substantial muscle mass – they just don’t have the hormones needed to bulk up.  So, if you want your kids to have healthy muscles, focus

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Do I need a bath? Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt - 7 Signs I Need a Bath
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Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies

10 ideas on getting your kids to eat veggies
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Washer Necklaces

Washer Necklaces

Here’s a fun lazy-day craft to do with your kids. What you will need: Washers (any size will work) Scrapbook paper
 or fabric Exacto knife Craft glue or super glue Modge Podge or other glossy top coat Nail file Hemp

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Shift by Jennifer Bradbury

Shift by Jennifer Bradbury

This isn’t your ordinary bike ride.  Even the most seasoned cyclists rarely travel cross-country with just their bikes, packs and a friend.  After graduation, life-long friends Chris and Win, set out on adventure full of celebration, self-discovery and adventure.  Only

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