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Exercise, healthy kids


  1. Have fun.  If an organized sport is no longer fun, it’s time to try something else.  Another sport or something less traditional – Wii or Xbox Kinect, have an impromptu dance party or introduce yoga.
  2. Play with your kids.   Make exercise a family affair.  Choose a game or take a walk.
  3. Buy a few basics.  Basketball, soccer ball, football, jump rope, bike, beach ball, Frisbee – there are options for every budget.
  4. Limit screen time.  The  American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than 1-2 hours of screen time per day.  The average American child gets 7 hours!
  5. Provide positive feedback.  Don’t focus too much on performance.  Teach kids that physical activity is fun.
  6. Incorporate friends.  Take a friend to the gym or on a hike.  Play a game of basketball or soccer.
  7. Model healthy behaviors.
  8. Take a non-negotiable position.  Exercise is essential to physical and mental health.  You don’t compromise on seat belts.  Don’t compromise on exercise.
  9. Plan ahead.  Make time on your schedule.  Modify activities based on skill or physical condition.  Talk to your doctor, if necessary.

Maggie McMahon is a businesswoman with more than decade of experience building and growing new organizations. She believes that learning should be fun, but recognizes that frustration and worry or boredom and routine can sometimes get in the way. Maggie is excited about building a learning environment that helps kids grow into their confidence and success. Maggie is married and has two children.

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