School Lunches – Let your kids pack for themselves!

Back-to-school. That’s crazy, right? My kids have already started and most kids in San Antonio will be back in school by the beginning of next week.

Getting back to school has many challenges – new bedtime (and wake-up) routines, making school lunches (in the evenings or mornings), new transportation and child care arrangements!  We are currently trying to figure out new transportations routines at our house!

One thing that isn’t causing us stress this year is school lunches! Our boys are in 5th grade and have been packing their own school lunches since 2nd grade. It wasn’t easy during the first few years, but they are pretty self-sufficient these days.  To ease the transition into self-sufficiency, I hung instructions on our fridge.  You can download my instruction sheet: How to Pack Your Lunch

In the early years, we had to supervise. As they practiced, we just had to check what they packed. Now they can handle the process on their own! It has been a great way for them to exercise control over their food choices (I have one picky eater) and for them to practice responsibility!

School Lunches




Maggie McMahon is a businesswoman with more than decade of experience building and growing new organizations. She believes that learning should be fun, but recognizes that frustration and worry or boredom and routine can sometimes get in the way. Maggie is excited about building a learning environment that helps kids grow into their confidence and success. Maggie is married and has two children.

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